New Years Resolution

At the beginning of December I began to start writing again after a 20 year creative burnout and depression. Publishing my book is going to be a big undertaking and I’m still feeling the depression and anxiety from the lack of support and not knowing what I am doing. My biggest fear stems from when I was younger and constantly being told I was crazy and needed to grow up. I’m to the point in my life that I don’t care what anyone thinks and this book is getting written no matter what!

So, I have set a few goals for myself, if I want to start this new venture! I need to make a name for myself as a writer that requires me to get published. So along with all the researich and Novel writing, I’m going to start writing short stories to try to get them into Literary Journals. Also I will try to write more in this Blog. I don’t expect any support, and I will not apologize if I seem spammy. This is the only way to get found and prove myself as a writer. If anyone thinks I’m being too attention seeking you can move along and keep on ignoring me. It doesn’t phase me a bit.

For fear of losing my stories to plagiarism or copyright infringement, I will not be posting any of my stories online, until after they are published. If you want to read any of my work or to be an alpha or beta reader please contact me through Facebook or Instagram. Family will be aloud to read my stories if only constructive criticism will be returned.

So I have a long year ahead of me and hopefully I can persevere through this new task. So thank you to everyone that is supporting me and let’s get writing!

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