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Happy 27th Birthday Ilaina!

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Today is a very special day that I usually keep to myself, but since I have started writing my novel again it is time to give you all something that is 22 years in the making; today is Ilaina van Lynn Sylvester’s birthday. The creation of Ilaina, the daughter of Merlin, started when I was 10 years old. She began from a character that I created while LARPing with my sister and some friends. Since I was the oldest and more mature of the four of us, I became the beautiful and powerful enchantress Ilanea Lynn. The first story I wrote was called Adventures in Fairyland and is now will be a chapter in my future novel: The Book of Ilaina, part 2 of The Merlinian Saga.

(Ilaina + Sly 2002 From the Fanfiction Wizard to Wizard)

History of Adventures in Fairyland

The exact date of the creation of my first story has been lost to the 22 years I started it, but I know I was in fifth grade or 10 years old. I wrote it for class projects up until eighth grade then my stories began to change as I matured. Adventures in Fairyland turned into a Backstreet Boy fanfiction This is when I decided Ilanea needed a sister, so she became Amanda’s sister from my fanfiction. At 16 years old I trunked my story due to being bullied at school and by family and not only did I trunk my story, I stopped writing all-together. After 22 years of worrying about what people think of me, I’m at the age where I just don’t care anymore. Last year at the beginning of 2021 I knew this was the perfect time to pick up writing again. As hard as I tried, I could not start with Iliana’s story. Therefore, after much internal conflict I concluded to start with Merlin’s story and The Wizard’s Bible started December 6th, 2021.

(Battle with Sly August 30th, 2001)

Over the years I never stopped daydreaming of my stories or characters and out of all the characters in my stories Ilaina is the only one that feels alive. The character arch I gave her is beautiful and realistic, but as I matured Ilaina matured and changed drastically. I hope you enjoy the biography of this beautifully done character meet Ilaina van Lynn Sylvesters.

(The Merlinian May 11th, 2020)


Name: Ilaina van Lynn Sylvesters

Nickname(s): Lainy

Name significance/meaning: Ashni (Lightning) is her adopted name.

Gender: Female

Age: 939

Birthday: March 17, 1000 AD

Deathday: September 2, 1939

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Location: Fayah

Birthplace: Southern Wales inside the Bubble.

Ethnicity: Hindu/Fairy

Nationality: British

Race: Human


Physical Appearance: She loves to be adorned with ribbons and laces. Her long Raven hair touches the backs of her knees. She dresses in Hindu and Fairy attire.

Skin Tone: Fair

Complexion: Rosy

Eye Color: Brown

Natural Hair Color: Raven Black

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 120 lb

Body Type: Fit

Posture: Confident

Scars: Small scar on her chest from the dagger that tried to kill her as an infant.

Dominant Hand: right

Age Character Appears to Others: 28 years.

Usual Hairstyle: Wears hair long and straight, in ribbons and/or braids.

Clothing Style: Indian or Fairy, wears a Blue wizard robe, embroidered with silver celestial objects, given to her on her 28th birthday from the Fairy Queen

Features: Wears a ladybug as her bindy in the middle of her forehead. After she is married to Sly he gives her a silver tiara with a dangling sapphire teardrop.


Extrovert or Introvert: Introvert

Personality Traits: Shy

MBTI Personality: INTP: The Thinker (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

Optimist or Pessimist: Pessimistic

Temperament: Calm

Mood: Happy

Attitude: Strong willed

Strengths: intelligent

Flaws: doesn’t have magic

Mannerisms: Talks very fast and tends to talk Hindu or Elven.

Habits: very hyper

Morning Person or Night Owl: Will stay up all night reading.

Pet Peeves: Being bullied

Favorite Virtue: Patience

Weakness: Earth Element

Strengths: Linguistics

Expressiveness: keeps to herself.

Ruled by Heart or Mind: both

Mindset: Futuristic

Philosophy: Everyone can be good.

Motivated by: Knowledge

Everyday Speech: English, but speaks in Hindu when upset and in Elven when in contemplation.


Energy Level: Energetic

Memory Level: Perfect

Disabilities: Cannot do magic without help.

Phobias: Nothing

General aptitude: Genius

Mental Strengths: Linguistics

Physical Strengths: Swordsmanship

Accidents: Poisoned by a witch in 1600s:


Diet: Vegetarian

Favorite Foods: Chocolate

Favorite Drinks: Tea

Favorite Book: Fathers Spell books

Favorite Place: Sovereignty River banks

Favorite activities: Inventiveness

What makes them happy?: Reading and creating new technologies

What makes them sad?: Loneliness

Hobbies: Going on Adventures

Interests: The future

Favorite animal: Ladybugs

Loves to do: learn

Hates to do: Being told she can’t do something.

Inspired by: Her parents.


Raised by: Hindu Princess Sari

Parent Status: Father Widower

Mother’s Name: Gwendolyn (dies at the same time as Ilaina.)

Mother’s Age: 1600

Mother’s Background: Celtic

Father’s Name: Emrys

Father’s Age: Over 5000

Father’s Background: Born of a human Woman and Elven Father

Relationship her parents: She is close to both her parents

Only Child? First Born, Middle Child, or Youngest? Oldest of Identical twins

# of Siblings: Amanda van Lynn Sylvesters

Relationship with Siblings: Separated at birth

Do they have kids of their own, or do they want them in the future? Unable to have children due to the Merlinian curse.

Extended Family: Great GrandFather King of Elves: Ambrosia Castiel

Family Relations: Are they generally close-knit or distant? How has family life shaped the character? Do they have any sibling rivalries, or are they best friends with a particular sibling?: Ilaina has never met her sister Amanda, but The Merlinians are all very close and loved by everyone.


Best Friend(s): Ilaina is a clever linguist and can converse with even animals. Making her very loved by all.

Worst Enemy: A witch that poisons her in the 1600s

Many acquaintances or few close friends? She is loved by all.

Sexual Preference: Men

Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Married

First Love: Sylvester Light Richardson

Top 3 Loved Ones: Who does your character love best in terms of their friends and relations? Sly, Uriel, and her parents

Top 3 Disliked Ones: Who does your character dislike in terms of enemies and acquaintances? Derrick Mabson, Mordred, the priest that tried to kill her as a baby

Who knows the character best? The Fairy Queen Merriel

Who is closest to your character? Sly and Uriel


Childhood: What was their childhood generally like? She grew up in a dungeon in Jerusalem

Did anything significant happen? The fairy blessing she was given as a newborn saved her when a priest tried to kill her as a baby.

Adolescence: What were their teenage years like? Did anything significant happen? Her adoptive mother Hindu Princess Sari died when Ilaina was 16. Leaving her alone in the dungeon for 2 years.

Young Adult: What were they like as a young adult? Did anything significant happen? She was rescued by the Knights Templar at 18.

Coming of Age: This happens for all Fayains who live to see their 28th birthday. They become immortal.

Moments/Experiences that shaped them: List any important experiences here.: With the help of Sly, she successfully traverses the Universe Temple to acquire Escalaburn.

How have they changed as a person throughout their life: Were they raised as a spoiled only child, but later became a Buddhist monk?: With Ilaina growing up alone she learns to accept her life when she is returned to her true family. She is educated by the fairies and her parents in knowledge and technology.

Major regrets: List any major regrets the character has from their life. Falling for a witch's trickery that led to a hundred year sleep.: Being jealous of her sister Amanda.

Biggest life lessons learned: Did they learn not to take life for granted when their best friend died?: Ilaina nearly kills Sly after they meet, because she decides to use her sword rather than talk herself out of the conflict. She learns violence is never the answer.


Religious Beliefs: Hindu/ God fearing

Upbringing: Lived in a dungeon for 18 years.

Core Values: Love and be loved

Morals: What does s/he believe is evil? What does s/he believe is good?

She knows there is good and evil.

Risks Worth Taking: What would your character risk their life for?: To acquire magic. (Gets her poisoned by a witch.)

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